MOULD OIL – Thorcast

MOULD OIL – Thorcast

Mould oil for general use, high quality. - BCA (C&A) Category 2

Product group(s)
Concrete Release Products, Mould oil, Chemical Release Agent


THORCAST Mould Oil is a formulated blend of mineral oils with additives and a degree of surfactant designed to work as a concrete release oil for demoulding concrete from all types of formwork moulds. It can be used on a wide range of metal, proprietary timber, ply and other formwork materials and coatings, however if using on plastic or rubber moulds consideration should be given to using our Norsekem Teknistrip. Formulated to give optimum release and quality of finish to concrete over a wide range of mix designs. Product is low hazard and not labelled as flammable.


  • Effects a clean positive release, which reduces labour costs, cleaning time and possible damage to formwork.
  • Produces a uniform stain free, quality concrete finish.
  • Protects timber forms against ingress of moisture, extending their useful life.
  • Oil based product helps prevent rusting of metal forms, supports and associated equipment.
  • Product is supplied ready for use, most economically
  • Gives optimum release.
  • Easy to apply
  • Spray applied


Product is supplied ready for use do not dilute. All formwork surfaces should be clean prior to application. Apply a thin uniform coating to the formwork surface avoiding over application. Spraying is the preferred method of application using a sprayer such as a Mesto Ferrox Plus 3585P or Mesto Profi Plus 3270P with an 8001 Nozzle fitted , however brushes or rollers may be used. Ensure any excess is mopped up as over application can cause dusty concrete, pay particular attention to the bottom of vertical shutter for run off.

Once the formwork has been struck apply  again as soon as possible to give added protection from weather.

Many new forms are not factory treated with oils, so for new or ‘unsealed’ timber formwork, pre-treatment is essential with two to three coats prior to use. This will extend the useful life of the form and help to standardise surface absorbency. For unsealed ply consideration could also be given to primary sealing with NORSEKEM SHUTTAWAX or NORSEKEM FORMSEAL PU1K sealer


15-45m²/litre dependent on type of formwork, it’s absorbency and profile


THORCAST mould release oil in manufacturer’s sealed drums requires no special storage facilities. Product is not flammable
Material should be applied in well ventilated areas.
Keep away from naked flames, electrical equipment, foodstuffs and children
Not Regulated for Road or Marine Transport


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Packaging Downloads
25ltr Plastic Drum
200ltr Metal Drum
1000ltr IBC


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