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  • Concrete Release Products, Mould oil, Chemical Release Agent

    Norsekem offer a comprehensive range of concrete release products from traditional concrete mould oil to Concrete Chemical Release Agents to suit nearly all casting surfaces and budgets, whether you are forming concrete On-site or in a Pre-Cast factory we have the right product. Our range includes traditional mould oil for both wet cast and dry cast, Chemical Release Agent suitable for use on a wide range of form materials including Steel, MDO & HDO Plywood’s, Plastic forms, Form Liner systems, Fibreglass and “Cordek” moulds. Conscious of our environment we also offer sustainable, biodegradable and green products as well as water based ones, please look out for the “green leaf “ and “ water droplet” icons denoting those products. Bespoke products in many cases have been developed to meet customer requirements for which we can also offer an own branding service if required.

  • Sprayers

    Range of high quality sprayers to suit all budgets and needs. By understanding our customer requirements we are able to advise on which sprayer is most suited to your application. Our sprayers are set up with the correct nozzle settings to ensure you get the most from your material application. Our range of sprayers are all fitted with Viton seals to prolong the life of the sprayer.

  • Concrete Repair Products

    Norsekem manufacture range of Cementitious Concrete Repair mortars for making good concrete in many situations that are found in new build construction, as well as Pre-Cast Factories and Tunnelling projects. The names and formulas are the original and best and have a long track record in major construction projects in the UK, we are now licensed as the sole UK supplier of FASTPATCH, FASTPLUG, TIEPLUG and FILL ’n’ RUB. All products conform to EN-1504.

  • Formwork Treatments

    Norsekem manufacture a range of Formwork treatments, sealers and protectors, that are commonly used by contractors and Pre Casters to prolong panel life, reuse and reduce hydration staining. Products are also available that allow the storage of metal formwork shutters outside for up to 2 years.

  • Concrete Retarders

    Norsekem manufacture range of Concrete Surface Retarder that allow the production of an exposed aggregate finish to acts as key for subsequent concrete pours. This negates the need for scabbling of the concrete with its associated vibration risks. Can be used on site or in Pre-cast factories. Products are water based and are safer for operatives than solvent based systems.

  • Concrete Sealing , Dustproofing and Surface Hardening

    Norsekem offer a range of solutions for sealing, hardening and dustproofing concrete, brick and block. The range offers solutions to help and increase the durability and impermeability of concrete extending the life of concrete.

  • Concrete Curing Solutions

    Range of concrete curing membranes, including water based, polymer and resin based systems. Resin based materials are offered in both clear and aluminised for DTp and PQ works.

  • Resin Anchoring

    Well proven range of Co-axial application resin anchoring cartridge system. Providing both epoxy acrylate and polyester stress free solutions.

  • Solvents, Cleaners and Descalers

    Range of solvents, cleaners and descalers including some biodegradable cleaning solutions for factory and construction site use.

  • LeycoChem Leyde

    Norsekem are the Sole UK agent for LeycoChem Leyde GmbH and supply from stock the market leading ZETOLAN® MEK plant protector range, ZE-KA-FIX® and BETONAC GREEN® concrete remover and LEYCO-SLICK® concrete pump primer along with associated application equipment. Why do we sell this? Quite simply ZETOLAN is the best material on the market in its category.

  • Plant Protection

    Norsekem's own range of plant protection materials for the assistance of removing and preventing adhesion of concrete from plant and machinery. Also see our Range of LeycoChem Leyde the leading and proven range of Biodegradable anti-adherents.

  • Concrete Pump Priming

    The cleanest, quickest and easiest way to prime a pump Increases pump capacity - reduces pressure in concrete pumps and pipes.

  • Plant Cleaning

    Range of cleaning materials designed to assist in the cleaning of plant and construction equipment. Biodegradable and in many cases safer for use by operatives reducing the risk of harm to both the environment and in the work place.

  • Concrete Removal

    Norsekem's range of both user friendly and aggressive cleaning solutions for the assistance of removal of concrete from construction plant.

  • Ancillaries and Support Products

    Here you can find ancillaries materails and support products we offer to aid with application of the products we sell. We offer a range of acid resistant brushes to help with application of Acid based cleaners and traffi film removers. as well as application guns for our Resin Anchors and Silicone sealants.

  • Own Brand Labeling

    Norsekem offer an own branding service, allowing our customer to promote there own company name and brand protecting your company sales. Please enquire for further details.

  • Bespoke Products

    Norsekem are happy to work closely with our customers and where required can produce bespoke materials to service your usage. We are also able to offer own branding materials providing a full technical back up service. This includes writing of data sheets, health and safety data sheets and label design, keeping you up to date with current legislation.



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