Biodegradable, heavy duty, non caustic, traffic film remover for plant, lorries and vehicles

Product group(s)
Solvents, Cleaners and Descalers Plant Cleaning


Alfanol HD is a water based , biodegradable, Non-caustic Heavy Duty Cleaner suitable as a Traffic Film Remover, Degreaser, hard surface cleaner and diesel spill detergent.
It contains powerful soil-suspending agents in high degree and is designed to be effective on curtain sided vehicles acknowledged as difficult to clean. It is also effective on accumulated dirt and soil stains and is therefore suitable for both under bodies and top sides to leave a film free surface.
Being Non-caustic, it will not dull and is safe on most body finishes. Inclusion of a gloss rinse agent, which aids the removal of surface water, thereby eliminating dried water marks.
Ideal for areas around diesel, gas and other oil dispensing equipment as well as contractors plant.
Particularly suited to the removal of grease and oil stains from hard surfaces such as concrete, garage floors, drive ways, paving blocks etc. Can be used on asphalt in a diluted form.
Can be used through hot and cold pressure washing machines.

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25ltr Plastic Drum
205ltr Plastic Drum


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